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About Shira's Ice Cream Run

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream. There is no season for this tasty treat, and Shira will bring you to the ends of the earth, or at least your nearest dairy, for this frozen delight. Whether homemade or not, the ride will be worth the extra calories. This monthly column has become one of the highlights of every issue - we hope you enjoy it too.

Das' Creamery

100 US Hwy 46 Suite 7, Budd Lake, NJ 07828 • 862-258-3593

As the calendar pages disappear and the temperatures begin to dwindle, it’s only right to think, ‘where’s my next ice cream coming from?’ You all know that weather does not interfere with the consumption of ice cream, so let’s head out to a most excellent source for this creamy goodness.Das1

Nestled in the village of Budd Lake, a section of Mount Olive, in the pretty part of New Jersey, you’ll find Das’ Creamery. Father and daughter team Pankaj and Komal Das have lovingly created a welcoming atmosphere filled with some of the best ice cream I’ve tasted. Not only is the ice cream of high quality, produced in small batches to ensure its freshness, Pankaj and Komal have come up with some very creative and unusual flavor combinations, and continue to experiment and tweak these delicious offerings. But more on that in a minute.

Pankaj, after retiring as the director of social services for a hospital, decided that there were more challenges to be met. He decided to attend the ice cream course given at a university in Canada. Komal, who had studied at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan and worked in the food industry, decided that taking the ice cream course at Penn State University would be her direction. From there, the path to opening their own shop was laid. They agreed that an ice cream shop would be the happiest and most fun type of shop to open, bringing joy to so many others while enjoying their creativity.

And creative they are, thinking up new ice cream flavors together then making them happen. I asked Pankaj if they ever came up with ideas, only to make them and find they just didn’t work. He said you can’t have a winner every time, but some exceed their expectations. My first visit brought me to their clean, colorful and fun-filled shop to sample their Dark Knight Rises, black licorice ice cream. I happen to like black licorice and had never heard of an ice cream in that flavor. True to its name, it was as black as squid ink and perfectly flavored, with a creaminess that was like silk in my mouth, which turned black with each spoonful. Hmm, not what you’d choose on your first date, I’d think.Das3

The Das’ have over 30 creative and delicious flavors to tickle your tastebuds. On my return visit I was torn between the Village Fig and For the Sage of Maple so Pankaj was kind enough to serve me a kiddie scoop of each. For the Sage of Maple has a wonderful earthiness combined with a sweet undertone and the crunch of candied walnuts but, for me, the Village Fig made my mouth explode with flavor, with crunchy bits of fig embedded in the smoothest of ice creams. Brian opted for a combination of two of his favorites in one flavor – Colombian Cookies and Cream. For coffee lovers, this is the bomb, giving a jolt of caffeine with the crunch of the cookies.

Some of their other enticements include Ginger, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Banana Oreo and Espresso Cheesecake. For the season, they’ve developed Cinderella’s Ride, a warm spiced full-flavored pumpkin that has a kick and It’s Cranberry Thyme, a sweet and tart vanilla-based twist. There’s a chocolate and English toffee for you lovers of British TV called Downton Abbey and for those with dietary concerns, a no-sugar added Chocolate PB Cup Fudge and vegan sorbet. Of course you can have your ordinary vanilla or chocolate, which at Das’ Creamery may seem extraordinary, but you’ll be eating the two most popular ice cream flavors in America.Das2

Having trouble making a decision? You’re not the first; Pankaj and Komal will be happy to let you sample until you can make a decision, knowing that you will be satisfied with your final choice. In addition to their cups and cones, you can opt for milkshakes, sundaes or a twist on an ice cream sandwich, made with Pop-tarts.

Have a special occasion coming up? How about an ice cream cake made with your favorite fanciful flavor? Just give them a couple of days and the Das’ will fill your needs.

The Das’ Creamery is open seven days a week from 11am to 10pm. They will be closed from Christmas through the third week of January. The shop has some tables to sit and enjoy your treats and plenty of parking. You can follow them on Facebook or visit their website for more information.

Enjoy the colder months with some wonderful ice cream at Das’ Creamery and we’ll see you next time on Shira’s Ice Cream Run.Das4







by's Peter Genovese