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We all work hard and hopefully we all play harder. Each month We’re Outta Here gives our readers some of the finer places that you and yours can get away to for that nice trip on the road. Whether it be a romantic inn for two or a super region for your whole riding group, this monthly column will give you thoughts and ideas to keep traveling on your motorcycle always a fresh and new experience.

South Branch Inn

1500 US Hwy 220, Moorefield, WV 26836 • 304-538-2033

SBIBattlefieldAugust 7, 1864

Along the deep valley that would be known as South Fork the horses stirred uneasily as the morning sun began to clear the night’s mist.

It was just a week earlier when Confederate troops, led by Brigadier General John McCausland, were unable to extort ransom from the town of Chambersburg – so they burned it to the ground and then fell back south through Maryland and into what is now West Virginia.

Reaching the South Fork region they felt safe. They were not as, Union Calvary troops led by Brigadier General William Averell were in hot and dogged pursuit. The Union troops rode silently toward the rebel camp, dressed in rebel gray and, before McCausland’s men knew it, they were under attack.

In the big scheme of things it was a small battle – but like many things, it had big ramifications. This was one of the few true cavalry battles of the Civil war and was a complete victory for the Union Army as it led to the breaking of the stronghold the Confederates had on the entire Shenandoah Valley – the breadbasket for the south.

Over 150 years later the valley is once again a crossroads, as a few larger West Virginia roadways have confluence here. And, in the middle of all this, built right next to the field where the Battle of Moorefield took place, you will find the South Branch Inn.

The South Branch is one of two inns – the other being in Romney – and is smack in the middle of the Mountain State’s finest pavement – and gravel for that matter.SBIRoom

The hotel has a large number of rooms all extremely well appointed, with all the modern amenities and Wi-Fi. The lobby is well done too, with great display cases highlighting the state and the region. There is coffee all the time and a conference room if needed. This would be a perfect gathering spot and base camp for clubs and organization rallies such as COG and HOG riding groups.

Just down the road you will find Lost River State Park; 3,700 acres of stunning West Virginian mountains, forest and valley and the road, Howard’s Lick, is a very technical and challenging ride, especially in fog. Trust us.

Nearby you will find other West Virginia favorites such as Seneca Rocks, the Mummies of Philippi and the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum to the west and the Cass Railroad and Green Bank Radio Observatory to the south.SBIMovieSign

Although it is located next to an historic battlefield, that does not belie the fact that this part of Moorefield has had some development and, regardless of the niceties of the South Branch Inn, there is a bit of ‘stripmallification of America’ here. But, that could be a good thing for riding groups. Fuel, auto supply and a Wal-Mart are right nearby. Like lawyers and the police – you don’t want them around till you need them and then you are grateful they are there.

But the South Branch Inn has a few other things to entertain you.

A full movie theater is right here and a bowling alley with an ice cream shop within – how convenient.

SBIBowlingWhen we held our 20th Annual Spring Break here we had folks getting in early and heading over to see Deadpool 2 and, that night, there was dinner to be found at the Ponderosa right next door. But the best was the bowling alley. That weekend we held our Big Backroadski Bowling Tournament which was more fun than we could have ever hoped for. Who knew how athletic our riders were?

So, you see, the South Branch Inn in Moorefield, West Virginia has so much more to offer riders and riding groups than just a bed and cable.

They are VERY motorcycle friendly and want our business – when riding in this part of West Virginia you will not be disappointed if you give them yours.